6 Mobile Ecommerce Apps to Accelerate Your Business


Smartphones and tablets completely changed the rules of the e-commerce industry. In recent years, with the rapid consumer acceptance of mobile ecommerce apps and large strategic focus, small business moved to mobile. For example, about 70% of consumers prefer to shop via smartphones.

Mobile Ecommerce as a New Stage of Your Company Development

A few years ago it was a luxury for a company to design an app or mobile site, but now it is becoming more and more necessary. And it’s especially vital for e-business owners. The following list include handy applications, that can make it easier to manage ecommerce from a mobile device and engage more customers. These are examples of basic functionality, that you can take into account when planning your own mobile ecommerce app.

Shopify Mobile

Shopify allows businesses to connect with customers on a single platform, whether online, in-store, or through social media. You can sync orders across all sales channels, products and customers, Shopify Mobile make the experience easier.

In a simple application, you can capture payment, adjust product stock, fill out the order form, track sales and create new products. You can receive notification of new sales and other equipment even on the go and manage your business from a mobile device. Your customers will be able to monitor your services and control the product arrival rates.


For various reasons, people doing ecommerce business online are using the Facebook app. Facebook is a great place for ecommerce to promote sales, increase brand awareness, and quickly respond to questions on your fan page. With this app, you can respond to comments, be it easy to customer service negative or positive, online. Customer loyalty is built to continue to participate in the name of the game.

Google Analytics

Tracking page views, interactions and click-through rate is second nature to e-business owners. Google Analytics can help determine which parts of the highest number of conversions and website marketing strategy brings. With this application, you can track Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, and registered from different platforms and search engines. This free app to help determine strategy success is crucial in the coming months.


Hootsuite allows business owners to view all of your company's social media feeds happened from a mobile device. This makes it easier to answer questions, respond to comments and interact with customers. A well-developed social media presence can create a community and repeat customers' miracles. This also allows you to schedule tweets in advance and Facebook posts, social media make it easier than ever. Hootsuite allows you to schedule a few days, weeks or even months of messages, working your social media manager becomes more difficult.

Enforce Your Business with a Mobile Ecommerce App

Today's ecommerce mobile apps are an indispensable tool for any company. If you don’t use the best apps for your business, you will leg behind the competitors. From organisation to process optimisation, through social media and analytics, every business person can be successful. Our team can integrate any functionality into your mobile app to help to help your business stay connected, competitive, and engaged, all of which are increasingly important in today's mobile ecommerce world.