IT Projects

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Rail Data


In tight collaboration with Australian railway company, we have built faults monitoring software solution which collect data from the numerous transponders, RFIDs. Installed on the rails RFIDs transfer gathered data to the system letting it process it and monitor hardware reliability. The program also sends regular reports and analyses the statistics. One of the challenges we successfully dealt with was the large volume of data. We used batch processing and external indices for the building the database and a separate background service for streamlined data analysis. Now the program facilitates the technical engineers work automating multiple internal processes.


Room Sizing


We also had a development project dedicated to the development of a facility-related application with calculating functionality to enable users to determine the amount of conditioning and heating equipment per a particular room. Service engineers can indicate the room details such as room area, floor and ceiling type, wall insulation and other metrics and based on these data automatically generate PDF reports and send them to the main office for the price determination and order confirmation. The program contributes the acceleration of a workflow and elimination of paperwork.




One of our recent Australian clients is an owner of a network of auto dealers. The task was to renew website experience and simplify a vehicle search process. Our web developers created a new web portal implementing the visual identity of the previous site and integrated it with a reliable and effective search mechanism ensuring intuitive site navigation. There were implemented numerous filters including car type and brand, model, etc. Users can also search for the nearest dealer center by the location or postal code and brand. This new web portal also allows users to book test drives and other services of the car dealer.




One of our latest projects implied the development of custom software product for an Australian professional taxi and hire car industry. Our team has delivered an engaging mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms implementing clean and user-friendly design and amazing customer experience. We also integrated Google Maps API to ensure that drivers can make an optimised route, while clients can track their cabs in real time. The app also has a web backup for operators to track drivers and ensure seamless communication between them and people who book the car.




Our customer, a theatre owner, wanted to build a user experience that enables users to find out about the current stage shows, read their description, cast, book seats and buy tickets with a few clicks. The app enables users to explore the shows at the neighbourhood art spaces and quickly book the seats. The application enables users not only search for the current shows but also browse nearby theatres and their offers. Intuitive navigation model lets users easily scroll alternative events and dates. We also integrated YouTube player enabling users to watch preview videos without leaving the app.


Water Control


One of our latest projects was aimed at the development of the water concentration monitoring system. The main task was to integrated monitoring and automation functionality in a responsive web dashboard. Our development team has delivered a sleek, customer-facing monitoring dashboard that enables users to control water quality via any device as designers took care of it ensuring its capabilities to adjust to any screen size. Monitoring is seamlessly integrated into the system and done at a molecular level delivering the exact samples to the operator’s devices.